While completing his first year in graduate school, Forrest Kane releases a fresh perspective on the issues surrounding gun control issues and mass shootings. In this Iraq veteran's first research project ever, he presents a positive correlation between the fear of firearms based on their aesthetics, and (unsurprisingly) not their functionality. His new theory, called the SAM factor, is discussed in detail regarding mass shootings, with 100 cases analyzed in detail. A new idea is presented, with the hope of preventing further mass shootings in schools.

Release date:  Fall 2018.





Does the world seem to beat you up easily? Maybe you're at a point in your life and trying to recover from something in your past. No matter how hard you try, you can't let go. You're not alone. Many Americans, especially those in the younger generation, get stuck in repeated cycles of failures, EVERY DAY. In his first self-help book, Forrest discusses a new approach to life... one that says no to your painful past, and yes to your potential future!


Release date: TBA


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